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Time and Attendance:

Employees are the most valuable resource a company has, but can be one of the most costly if not managed effectively. All our Clocking in Systems are designed to help you monitor, manage and control your staff easily, whilst greatly reducing payroll administration time and costs.

This table shows how much you could be losing at just 10 minutes per day per employee.

Annual Loss
5 Employees
10 Employees
50 Employees
100 Employees
£5.00 p/h
£7.50 p/h
£10.00 p/h
£15.00 p/h

Based on 235 days worked per year.

Ingersol Rand HandPunch
  • Stops employees clocking for others - (buddy punching)
  • Saves you money
  • No training required
  • Easy to enroll employees
  • Easy to use
  • Identifies in less than 1 second



Time Management Solutions:

Biometric Handswipe used in a workshop
  • Prints full time card activity
  • Calculates hours worked
  • Fire report - in the event of fire
  • Integrates with popular payroll
  • CE approved and complies with
    all major common approvals
    and codes
  • Wall or Desk mount
    RS232, USB, Modem or Ethernet
How the handswipe works How the handswipe works How the handswipe works
HandScanner Working Buddy Punching What are Biometrics
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